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Explosion Relief GRP Housings

GRP Housings with Explosion Relief

Where there is potential for an explosion within GRP Housings it is possible to control the explosion and minimise its capacity for damage and harm. Explosion Relief GRP Housings are manufactured with integral explosion relief roofs, and are an economical and effective method to increase safety.

The HSE provides guidelines and recommendations on the use of explosion relief in the event of an explosion. Primarily, they recommend designers should demonstrate that appropriate measures are in place either to prevent explosions from taking place, or to protect against/minimise the effects of the explosion. Explosion prevention is always preferable to explosion protection, particularly where an explosion is likely to result in emission of toxic material.


The roof of the GRP Housing is fixed to the walls using extendable brackets, which are contained within the GRP Housing. In the event of an explosion, the increased pressure within the housing forces the roof upwards and the brackets to extend. The roof is designed to limit the maximum internal pressure developed during an explosion to 35mbar. The roof will lift off the GRP Housing but is still fully secured by the now extended brackets. When the pressure is relieved, the roof is guided back down to its original position by the extendable brackets, and the explosion relief should ensure there is no damage to the GRP Housing. All fittings are designed to be strong enough to keep the doors closed during the explosion, and the hinges will remain in operational condition. For large GRP Housings it is possible to include explosion relief sections, rather than the whole roof (where the specification allows). This is required to maintain the structural integrity of GRP Housings if an explosion takes place.

This additional feature is available on all GRP Housings.


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