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Date September 2013

GRP Kiosks for RHI Biomass Boilers


A local company wanted to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce their energy bills, become more self sufficient and earn some extra income. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a new government backed scheme that provides a solution to all of the above.

The company found a specialist MCS registered installer to offer a complete solution including supplying, fitting and commissioning a new biomass boiler.

The problem

The proposed boiler needed to be housed outside the main factory building. Moreover, the wood pellet fuel will need to be located adjacent to the boiler with a suitably fire rated partition between the boiler and the combustible fuel.

The solution seemed to be a traditional brick built building. However, our client had worries regarding the cost and time implications of this structure. Time was critical as the government reviews such incentives annually – any delays could cost our client thousands of pounds over the course of the contract period. The brick building would present a large cost and take a significant time to build. There was also the issue of planning permission from the local authority, which increased worries over time and cost.

The Solution

They searched for a faster, and more cost effective alternative to solve their housing issue – and found us.

We designed and built a bespoke GRP Kiosk. Designed to accommodate the biomass boiler and the fuel storage. The technical specification also surpassed what was required to meet the fire regulations. We had produced a ‘turnkey’ solution to our clients’ housing problem.

The GRP Kiosk included two sections; separated by a fire rated partition, it had a double door and emergency door access, ventilation, and a bespoke attachment designed to deliver wood pellet fuel at a high speed through the kiosk wall.


Industrial GRP completed the whole process from quotation, design, through manufacture and to installation in less than 4 weeks. The cost of the project for our client was significantly less than if they had advanced with a traditional brick structure, and the installation was completed well within deadlines – the result is that greater returns are being realised by our client.

"Industrial GRP provided us with a product that was not only fit for purpose, but cheaper and available a lot quicker than an alternative traditional brick building. This is an on-going turnkey solution for us and has provided us with a distinct advantage over our competitors."

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