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Date June 2013

Gas Governor GRP Housings

Background & Company Information

Our client is one of the UKs leading utility service provider working within the Water, Gas, Electricity and Telecommunication sectors. A recent coalition with National Grid (Gas) Distribution meant over a three year period from April 2010 to April 2013, our client was responsible for all asset maintenance throughout the East Midlands, East Anglia and North London. Included in this maintenance program was the replacement and procurement of Gas Governor GRP Housings, GRP Roofs and GRP Doors to securely house gas governors, meters and telemetry equipment.

Our client approached Industrial GRP Ltd as a potential supplier of Gas Governor GRP Housings, GRP Roofs and GRP Doors. The brief was to ensure all new and replacement products met specifications T/SP/PRS/35 and IGE/GM/8, to maintain a high volume production and installation programme and ultimately offer cost saving solutions to ensure the required workload could be completed within the annual budget.

The role of Industrial GRP Ltd

To ensure maximum efficiency Industrial GRP were able to competitively offer a turnkey service to the client. Initially a Project Manager (PM) was assigned to oversee all aspects of the project. The PM began by conducting a survey of each site. The survey was vital in allowing a number of key factors to be assessed:

  1. Measurements – ensuring the new product would be in line with the specifications and the correct clearances could be maintained.
  2. Site Access – to ensure the appropriately sized delivery vehicle and relevant construction methods were used. You can also get in touch with advisors if you have doubts on what method suits the best for your needs.
  3. Lifting Operation – an Appointed Person conducted all surveys so an accurate lifting operation assessment was made and suitable plant was identified.
  4. Client Requirements – the end user was consulted as to whether any special requirements were needed for example: an applied finish to comply with local council regulations.

With the information gathered from the surveys Industrial GRP Ltd were able to accurately and competitively price the required work. Funding was approved totalling 1.5 million, and a deadline for completion was set by the client. With this information Industrial GRP worked closely with the civil sub-contractor appointed by the client to produce an achievable program of works.

The Results and Conclusion

Industrial GRP completed three 12 month projects comfortably within the deadline and cost constraints issued by the client. A large proportion of the cost saving derived from the staff training that had been provided; all site crew are trained to SCO 1 & 2 (competent person) thus reducing the number of client personnel that were required to attend site. The surveys being carried out by an Appointed Person eliminated the need for contract lifts, promoted accurate design and ultimately ensured the new product met the clients requirements. The key to delivering the programme on time was accurate forward planning and working knowledge of the time scales required for both the production and installation processes involved. The result based on the success of this project is that Industrial GRP Ltd continue to provide the same service, annually, directly to the end client since the coalition has ceased.

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